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A message from our site manager:


As I was lying in bed at 2 this morning worrying about fundraising for the Birdy, as you do, it suddenly struck me that the answer is right here with you, our lovely, loyal and generous supporters. Panic not!! At risk of sounding like a tv charity advert, I thought that if each of our facebook friends could donate to us at least £1 a month by standing order into our fundraising account that is over £3000 pounds a month and will almost cover our ever increasing food bills!! This week alone we have our insurance bill of £825.25 a year: that's £68.00 a month, our quarterly water bill of £135.00, one bottle of antibiotics is £45.82 and one food bill for birds of prey of £387.00. That's not including all the other types of food we get like fish, mince, heart, pigeon corn  baby bird rearing food, vitamins, mealworms etc. The list is endless. I won't bore you with how much the maintenance costs are: you would be shocked anyway! So while we are running ragged with baby birds we also have to consider all this. I may be laying it on a bit thick, I'm sorry, but i think £1 a month or more each will make the biggest difference to us in helping these amazing creatures, don't you? Please contact us for account details or sign up at

if you are able to help us, after all it's not much to ask and we won't phone you to ask for more periodically!


Thank you xxxx

£1 or more a month appeal

Ways to help us...

If you prefer to give us something practical, we have an Amazon wish list here:





Amazon wish list

We can always use old towels, newspapers, clean cardboard, cleaning roll, nappy pads, rubber gloves, buckets, tools - not much that we can't use so get in touch with us if you think you can help.