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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q I've found a domestic bird. Do you take these in?

A. No, we only deal with wild birds


Q I've found a wild bird - can I keep it as a pet?

A No. You should never keep wild animals or birds as pets. Baby birds that need hand rearing require specialist treatment and food in order to stand a chance at survival. Apart from anything, they are wild creatures and it would be cruel to subject them to a life in captivity without the specialist knowledge needed to rear birds. For a good article on this subject, please see:


Q I've got a bird in my garden and I'm not sure if I should rescue it.

A See our article on when to intervene and rescue birds.


Q Can I take an injured wild bird to the vet? Will they charge me?

A Vets should take in injured wild birds and animals for free but they will normally not take in uninjured orphans.


Q What are your opening hours?

A We are a working hospital, so visits from the public are not possible as we are busy caring for our many patients! We do not have fixed operating hours so please phone us on 01204 884086 and somebody will be able to help you.


Q I've got an injured bird at my home. Can you come and pick it up?

A Please note that we are unable to come out to rescue birds as we do not have the resources to provide a mobile rescue service. Please phone us and we will be able to advise you on the best course of action, Check our article on when to help birds.


Q How can I donate

A Please go to our Donation page where all options are there, alternatively go to our just giving page